Officers at the Mauritius National Identity Card Unit will be ready to help citizens to register in a proficient, approachable and considerate manner. 

The Registration process will be as follows:

  • Verification and processing of citizen's relevant proof documents such as :


      • Recent Birth Certificate
      • Recent Marriage Certificate (applicable for a married woman who wishes to use her husband's name.
      • Proof of Address including Central Electricity Board Bill, Central Water Authority Bill, Telephone Bill, Rent Book, any other Official Correspondence (e.g. Employer, Banks, Universities, etc)
      • Previous ID card (for cases of ID card replacement or citizen converting from the old paper-based laminated ID card)
      • Police Memo (in case of loss of ID card)
      • Citizenship letter from Prime Minister’s Office (for citizens born outside Mauritius -Naturalised citizens)
      • Mauritian Parent’s Birth Certificate (for citizens born outside Mauritius from Mauritian Parent – citizens by Descent and for citizens born between 30 April 1995 & 01 Nov 2001)
      • Official document evidencing a Divorce, Change of Name where applicable

               (Refer to Page “Documents required” for more information)

      • Capture of Fingerprint (to extract fingerprint minutiae ONLY)
      • Capture of  photograph in jpeg format.
      • After Registration process, citizens have to verify their personal details and sign a User Declaration Form
      • A Collection slip will be handed over to citizen upon successful completion of the application and the applicant will be requested to call in person after seven (7) days at the same National Identity Card centre, along with the Collection slip to collect the Smart ID card.